It’s that time of the year again when the panic sets in and everyone starts worrying about putting on the pounds they’ve spent the last 12 months trying to lose. 
For most Christmas spells disaster when it comes to weight loss, between the 23rd of December and 2nd January, we pretty much spend the time drinking excessively and eating anything in sight. 
Then as the New Year comes around you’ll tell everyone that ‘this is the year’ that I get in shape. A completely new me, start a diet and start exercising regularly and finally reach that goal weight that you last had in your teenage years. 
However, what if I told you to forget all that and focus on the weeks leading up to Christmas… 

Male dominated weight rooms, pink vinyl dumbbells and high reps. 

The above is pretty much the overall view I have of commercial gyms, I can pretty much walk into most and divide it into sections, ladies doing endless amounts of cardio listening to Roar by Katy Perry in hope of a flat stomach, groups of lads gathered around the bench press, grunting away lifting as much weight as possible, usually with terrible form in the endless pursuit of a big chest and arms. 
Horribly stereotypical I know, but anyone who has been to a gym for any length of time will have undoubtedly seen the same sights. 

Wasting time in and out of the gym is the reason everyone becomes disheartened. 

If, like a big percentage of the population you’re a member of a gym, you’ll know that a lot of the time you just don’t feel like going, whether it’s tiredness or just general lack of motivation, you decide that your time is better spent sitting watching the TV. 
But I’m not focusing on that, hopefully we don’t need an article on why not being active isn’t helping you achieve your goals? 

It’s perceived as the easiest thing in the world. 

All you have to do is create a calorie deficit.  
Eat fewer calories than you burn and you can watch the weight fall off.  
That’s it? Is it really that simple?  
Wow it does sound easy! But if it’s that easy why isn’t everyone walking around with a low body fat percentage, abs and the ability to run a 5K at the drop off a hat? 
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