When I look back to my time in school, my best memories are of playing football in the playground and athletics in PE. I’ve always loved being active, having played in various sports teams since the age of 5. So it’s not surprising that I chose a career in fitness and after nearly a decade in the industry I’m more passionate about it than ever! 
It’s a fast moving industry, with new training methods and fashionable diets popping up every week it seems so being able to sift through it all requires constant self-improvement. Hence why since qualifying as a Personal Trainer, I’ve gone on to become a Strength and Conditioning Coach and qualified to teach Olympic Lifting among other things. 
Increasing my knowledge is a must as everything I learn I can pass on to the people I train and in turn get them better results. 
Watching my clients progress is still as enjoyable as it was 9 years ago, from the nervous first meeting, planning out what they want to achieve to the proud moment they achieve it. I think what makes it so special is the different struggles each client goes through during their programme, making the achievement all the more personal and rewarding. 
I’ve met a huge variety of clientele over the years, with a variety of targets they’re working towards and each with their own reasons for wanting to achieve it. Everything from fat loss to Olympic Lifting. I’ve coached ladies to master pull ups from not being able to do any, clients who’ve never stepped inside a gym walking away with 100kg+ deadlifts and there are those who have lost 2 stone and finally feel comfortable on the beach. 
I believe that health and fitness should be accessible to everyone, regardless of ability, which is why I build my sessions around effective yet simple training methods (not to be mistaken for easy!), no fancy ‘Instagram’ exercises or fashionable diets. Just weight training coupled with the right nutrition, programmed to suit any goal. 
As with anything you want to do, it takes hard work, but with the right coaching and attitude, you can look back and marvel at your achievement. 


After completing my A-Levels, I left school knowing that I wanted to do something other than the typical 9-5 jobs my friends were heading towards. I’ve always had a keen interest in sport and coaching, so it’s no surprise that Personal Training was the career I chose. 
I completed my Personal Training qualification in 2009 and haven’t looked back since. 9 years on, I can still say that I genuinely love what I do, watching the transformations of my clients from being nervous stepping into a gym environment, worried what people will think, to strutting around and being proud of the progress they’ve made! 
Over the past 9 years I’ve learnt a lot, more than any qualification can teach! Experience of training a large variety of clients, through a vast spectrum of goals. 
I have taken clients from being unhappy with themselves, hiding themselves in baggy clothes to loving their new body and buying fitted dresses to wear on nights out.  
I've coached ladies to master pull ups, from not being able to do any at all. 
Clients who came to me wanting to get stronger, walking out with 100kg+ deadlifts (who said women can’t be strong?), some of them had never stepped foot inside a gym before and some just struggling with motivation after disappointing results in the past. 
In this fast moving industry you can never stop learning, constant self-improvement is a must, which is why I qualified as a Strength and Conditioning coach, as well as an Olympic Lifting coach. Every time I learn something new, it makes me better, allowing me to pass on my knowledge to the people I train and in turn they gain better results. 
I believe in simple training methods, not unsustainable fad diets or fancy gym exercises, just effective weight training, coupled with the right nutrition programmed to suit any goal. 
As with anything, it takes hard work, but with the right coaching and attitude, you can look back and marvel at your achievement. 


Thames Valley Athletic Centre, 
Pococks Lane,  
SL4 6HN 
6.30am-9pm (gym closes at 10pm) 


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